Free Property Valuation: What Is The Worth Of Your Home?

Free Property Valuation: What Is The Worth Of Your Home?

 Establishing the right price is essential to the home-selling process. You can get free property valuation hong kong services to see an estimation for your home. Take note that it is only a starting point as its estimates vary greatly across HK.

How is property valuation done?

Not all real estate valuators and agents have the same conducting property valuation process. But, there are a few factors that are considered. When conducting a property valuation, these valuators behave muck like prospective buyers. They make a land assessment that property stands on based on different factors, such as:

  • topography
  • location
  • size of the plot of land
  • zoning
  • future development possibility of the property

The value of real estate is not simply determined by what is on the land, there is always potential for future development and rezoning. A property valuation provides some info on current property prices in the area and recent sales, which gives both you and them. The valuator carried internal and external inspections of the property like one does when viewing the property for sale. In the building, the valuator measures the building size and takes note of the types and amount of rooms, fixtures and fittings, and the age of the property.

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Factors of the property valuation process

The structural integrity and condition of the property is a factor in the valuation process. There are things, such as rising damp or dry rot that influence the property valuation negatively, and often be negotiation points for the buyers to reduce the asking price. Externally several other factors are assessed, such as:

  • ease of access for vehicles
  • number of garages
  • other useful outbuildings

The property valuators take photos and highlight the most essential features of the building or property. A property evaluation appointment takes some time because it needs to assess each part of the property. Patience is the key to allowing full and proper valuation, ensuring to set aside enough time for the appointment. Ask any questions you have for the evaluation process.

Things to prepare before the valuation?

There are numerous things you can do to prepare for the appointment with the real estate agent or valuator. These help you get the most out of your appointment and make it easy and hassle-free, as much as possible you get, as accurate an estimate as you can of the property value. You must spruce up the place. It doesn’t mean you must steam the carpets or scrape gutters right away as it is the valuator that takes a lot of photos before the sale begins.

A little decluttering and tidying can help create and maximize the sense of space and highlight the property’s key features. Another thing to prepare is any relevant paperwork for the property. Documents like building plans, lease or rate info and maintenance charges help get the valuator up for speeding and aid you get an accurate valuation. Remember to ask questions and write a few down as you prepare for the appointment.

The more you know, the better understanding of the process is essential to make informed decisions to move forward, develop decisions forward, and develop good relationships with the property valuators and estate agents.