Electricity And Natural Gas Providers In NJ

Electricity And Natural Gas Providers In NJ

The electric and gas markets are among the most unregulated in the nation, allowing customers to choose their own suppliers. It’s an excellent way to save money and make smart energy decisions for your home or business.

NJ Electricity and Natural Gas Providers

There are four major electric utility companies in the state: Atlantic City Electric, Jersey Central nj power switch & Light (JCP&L), Public Service Electric & Gas (PSEG) and Rockland Electric. These utilities supply electricity as well as maintain the grid and respond to electric outages.

There are many energy providers. Each one has its own rates and terms. It is crucial to select the right company for your requirements. This will have a significant impact both on your budget as well as your monthly utility bill.

Many companies offer advantages that can help increase your savings, including cash back or travel incentive. Other benefits include charitable donations and free access to smart devices such as thermostats, lights, and voice-controlled speakers.

Natural Gas and Electricity Rates for NJ Residential Customer Accounts

There are a variety of energy plans that are available to New Jersey residential customers, all with unique features. You can choose the plan that best suits your budget and requirements from renewable electricity to fixed rate natural gas.

The state’s energy supply market has grown and changed since the deregulation was implemented in 1999. There are now many gas and electric companies that compete in the state, offering electricity plans and a wide variety of natural gas rates which can help you lower your energy costs while still meeting your renewable energy goals.

Additionally, you can now save money on your electricity and gas bills by comparing energy prices. Enter your zip code below to discover how much you can save.

In addition to offering a wide range of energy plans, most electricity and natural gas providers in New Jersey also offer services that help you manage your energy. These services can be as simple or as complex as installing solar panels on your roof or switching to a programmable thermostat.