Choose Entertainment

Choose Entertainment

Entertainment is a from of activity that gives pleasure to an individual. It is the way of relaxing mind to some extent. Nowadays, in the hazy world people need some rest and refreshment, so entertainment is necessary. Starting from the baby to old person, everyone needs some relaxation. Hence, they entertain themselves through various methods.

Entertainment is not only a type of pleasure that people experiences but it also provide energy to perform further work mindfully. Entertainment is available to people in 3 ways mainly-

  • Exhibition entertainment
  • Live entertainment
  • Mass media entertainment

Exhibition entertainment includes fair, festival, museum, water parks, carnivals, zoo, etc. People meet their relatives and spend time with them in carnivals, festivals, fair. Children get happiness by teasing animals and knowing various things about them in zoo. They also get very excited while watching different things in museum. They play with their friends in water parks. So, it is a type of entertainment by which people enjoy themselves as well as they are able to learn various things from different source. Here, people also come in contact with nature.

Live entertainment includes circus, concert, comedy show, dance, musical show, magic show, fashion show, opera, parties, etc. Here, people mostly enjoy themselves and some provide judgement also. Older people get inspired and excited to teach their children also such as dancing, music, fashion show. Teenagers and adults involved themselves here. They show their talent as well as get happiness. People dance, eat and enjoy mostly in parties. They tend to be beautiful. Girls are more fascinated so most of them participate in fashion show and show their talent in different ways. Children love to watch circus, comedy show and magic show. These are the live shows in which they participate and enjoy.


Entertainment has both advantages and disadvantages. Entertainment provides strength to do further work and through this people get active. But as excess of anything is bad, so entertainment for a longer period is also bad. Nowadays teenagers are mostly attached to mobile phones which are dangerous for them for which many of the teenagers have eye problem and wear glasses. To provide a example of “entertainment has both advantages and disadvantages” I would like to write that when a student become bore and tired of studying for long time, he needs pleasure for some time. So he entertainment themselves for some period by which he become active again and have enthusiasm to study further. But some lazy student entertains themselves continuously after they become active and waste time which is a disadvantage of entertainment.

In this rush world, entertainment is necessary for people to get free from hesitation. As the day passes by, responsibilities increase, so it is necessary. But people must not mis utilise this.